Since I was young thanks to my father, who was a great admirer of it in the 70s, I grew up learning about this incredible sensation of finesse and softness that only cashmere can give. Once tried it was unthinkable to wear something different without understanding the preciousness that distinguished it.
My father’s favorite sweater has followed me in every move to every new home, in every period of life, as a reminder of a passion and symbol of something special. Many years later, in the course of my career as a lawyer in a trip to Mongolia, the passion, suddenly, rekindled. More intense than ever.
From that moment a project started.


From the journey in the fascinating Mongolian territories the personal path of creating a fashion brand takes shape. I spent a long period in Mongolia to deepen the history of this material in detail. See the collection, the women who carry out the first cleaning and selection by hand.

The climate, the sounds of nature, the colors of Mongolia and remote mountainous regions have inspired me.

The climate, the sounds of nature, the colors of Mongolia and remote mountainous regions have inspired me. .

The Mongolian people and their respect for something that is very dear to them has pushed me to stay and learn the processing phases, the care and attention with which they control each production step until you get soft yarns and fabrics which cannot be described but must be absolutely “touched”.
I appreciated the fact that each producer of that place believes and supports the principle of purity of cashmere, of their “white gold” ,and respect for animals, the Hircus goats, which are the vital and prince of history.
The charm of the places harmonized with the tactile sensation of the material, from the bow to the cashmere garments.

The Brand

“Saisei” which in Japanese means “rebirth” recalls both a new career path as well as a new way of thinking and interpreting this precious material. We like the idea of proposing cashmere to a woman who wants to be elegant but also casual, a modern woman who loves garments that are extremely detailed and comfortable like a warm embrace.
Luxury clothes but with a new meaning, informal and cosmopolitan luxury.

The logo

We have chosen a sunrise as a logo, a sun that rises from the stylized horizon. Playing with the shades of white (the finest cashmere) symbol of softness and purity, and of blue, the color of the sky, water and elegance.
In a deep and continuous dialogue of suggestions and emotions.