Italian design
Purity of yarn

Research and development.

We approached the principle of purity with the Italian design, in addition to attention to detail that only made in Italy achieves in accessories and packaging.
Solid partnerships have started.

The aim of the project is to create essential collections lines with iconic, chic but also comfortable garments.
“The informal luxury that once tried cannot be abandoned … “. Cashmere as a lifestyle, total look with which you can play; mix your personal wardrobe with our precious garments

Packaging couture.

The different processes of production and the preciousness of the material make it flexible and able to enhancing any outfit.
We thought of a special packaging. Each piece of cashmere like a real jewel is unique and it is right that it has a personal “casket” to be stored and transported in our daily lives.

Quality control.

Quality control is one of the phases to which we give more value.
It is rigorously carried out by hand at the end of each production phase, before the product entering in the sales circuit.
We believe that the identity of a brand depends on the quality of every single detail.
From the raw material we choose only the most beautiful and resistant fiber, and we carry on this idea of perfection to the end.